About Us

POWERON Technology Services was founded in 2003 to pursue the growing needs of the information technology market. This market now has the technology to serve the needs traditionally provide by separate telecomunications companies. Since its inception, POWERON has strengthened its position as a leading IT convergence solutions provider, specializing in combining traditional IT solutions with emerging communications solutions over a common network infrastructure.

We offer a full range of services, handling all your needs from consultation, network design, project management, system installation, and ongoing support and maintenance. POWERON provides you with a single source for both IT and communications technology to help simplify your business technology needs.
POWERON engineers have the ability to provide their clients with the most effective technology for their particular business requirements. Our strength is in our ability to harmonize IT and communications solutions which have traditionally been treated as separate specializations and skill sets. That means tailored and very cost efficient combined solutions for the majority of the computing and communications problems which may be encountered in a business environment. IT and communication system failures can be financially devastating comparable only to the impact they have on management resources and employee morale. Keeping computing and communication infrastructures maintained to industry standards ensures that POWERON clients are protected from technological failures and security breaches. POWERON is confident that it can provide the perfect answer for any business IT and communications network.